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Misc subs, HnS, SC etc

I have decided!  That I will sub some of the Hadaka no Shounen episodes as well.  There's just soooo many epic moments in there!  From the naming of the Akanishi Troops......

Each episode is really long tho, I really need to work on my subbing efficiency (and perhaps improve my japanese more so that it'll be easier for me)  I didn't think the Japan Walker ones would be so bad since there were the Chinese ones as a guide......but then I realized the Chinese subs weren't very accurate either. 

But yeah, I really enjoy watching these clips and it's so fun/relaxing for me that I don't mind doing it when I need my chibi fix.  So i'll have something to do once I finish Hitotsu yane no ue.  No that that would happen anytime soon xP

Yup just to put the thought out there...... I probably need to figure out which episodes have been subbed or not.  And I'll probably sub out of order aka, my fav ones first.......

~                                 ~                             ~                             ~                            ~                              ~ 

Shounen Club, Jr Fight I, Chronicles of Akanishi's path to victory
raw video f4v
softsubs ssa

hardsubs (big thanks to bendie_hp!)

Hadaka no Shounen
part 1-
raw video
soft subs
hard subs
raw video
soft subs
These are the mini series from the early 2000 show Japan Walker. I really loved watching it and thought what better way to spread the love than sub it and have everyone see. I remember seeing clips here n there but I will try to make the story complete :]  The main characters are:  Toma, Kame and Jin.

The subs timing should work with the rmvb format from jone_records too, but I converted into avi files cuz I like them better xP  Also I want to sub all of the available episodes, but it takes me a pretty long time so, continuing this project will be highly dependent on interest.  (Hopefully you guys will like it as much as me)

*A big thanks to bendie_hp for helping me with hardsubs!  :)

Ep 1 avi  MF
soft subs srt
hardsubs  SS

Ep 2 avi  MF
soft subs srt
hardsubs SS

Ep 3 avi  MF
soft subs srt
hardsubs  SS

Ep 4 avi  MF
soft subs ssa
hardsubs 1  hardsubs 2(itsumono_you_ni)  SS

Ep 5 avi MF
soft subs srt
hardsubs  MU

Ep 6 avi MF
soft subs srt

Ep 7 avi MF
soft subs srt
hardsubs  MU

Ep 8 avi  MF
soft subs MF
hard subs

Ep 9a avi MF
soft subs MF
Ep 9b avi MF
soft subs MF
hard subs

Ep 10 avi MF
soft subs MF

Disclaimer:  These are just loose translations (as I do not have amazing Japanese skills) but I try to be as accurate as i can.  Also let me know if you guys want hard subs.

*I'm working my way slowly through the remaining episodes*
been slowly getting back into akame fanfics. Wanted to make a list of ones that moved me. I'll probably be missing a lot.....but will be slowly adding to the list as I read new ones and review old ones.
here hereCollapse )

i'm back

Phew that was a long hiatus! Well I still want to finish the rooftop series that I started subbing and some other little things..... But I'll probably be pretty slow so bear with me.....

In other news.....today when I went back to school.... at the exit of the airport I was in, this guy was holding up a sign for 'Jin'

Haha..... I didn't know that was a common name? I had to leave to catch a shuttle so I couldn't satisfy my curiosity this time xP


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jin's Yellow Gold

So as most people know the entire concert is a mess. First let me talk about my view of Jin. I always thought he was the super popular type (idol-wise), like fans just flock to him and are super crazy about him. So maybe my opinion of him stopped at 2-3 years ago cuz I can't deny that fans lose interest fast, esp if the idols go in a different direction. Before in the fan scene (international or Japan), Jin had wayyyy more fans than the other kt members. Now everyone became Kame fans. Of course since Jin doesn't have any new dramas etc it's hard to gain fans. Also his own crappy attitude, that he doesn't want to be an idol. The (idol) fans aren't looking for pure talent. They're looking for hot guys, guys that will build up a dream world for them. But he would rather do his own thing, keep long hair, have a super cool image, and lots n lots of rumours with girls. I rather think that fans aren't looking for someone telling them that he is better than them or whatever, but that they are relatable etc. Of course this feeling is hard to convey once someone becomes a big star for a while.....the star-quality just permeates..... think cooler than the alpha male/ queen bee of your hs days. Some people hide it better than others.

So about the whole America thing, I don't know what is Johnny's goal for it. Does he really want to expand into America? Does he want to develop 'idol' market or the more 'talent' market? I don't know if the foreign idol market would ever develop in the states.... unless they blatantly sold sex. But this is a guy and it doesn't work on guys. Talent-wise, it's also a tough market to crack. Somehow the Asians are just not as 'cool' as the rest of america. I mean, it's easy to import a singer of any other race, and even Asian Americans haven't cracked the entertainment industry as performers. Also I think to stand out from the rest, the singer must have a very out there personality/style like Gaga or Katy Perry. And if going with hip hop, at the very least, Jin needs to buff up, be manly.... But basically he needs to be packaged well, think of a good hook/ entry point (not just enough to be handsome, or cute, or shy, ok so i know he's pretty cool and all that but other ppl looking thru culturally tinted lens won't......and ppl here don't care for the previous qualities)

Also to become big one must be popular within a certain subculture first. And currently his overseas fans MOSTLY are more of the dorky nerdy type or otherwise slightly out of touch with their own world (myself included). The best is when 'cool' people think someone is cool.... then the rest will follow. (i have no doubt that kt captured many fans of this type when they were super popular) So he somehow needs to target some other groups. But his existing fanbase/ style may hinder his development. Since he's so big in his own country already he might not be able to do the same things as other artists starting out do.

Since I don't see any long-term plans for Jin, then lets just focus on this tour. Just sell as much tickets as possible. But the price is seriously affecting it. Even I don't want to buy tickets. And I'm a pretty big fan. I think in the end I'll just buy 2 of the cheapest and bring a friend with me. On top of that, there is not even promotion. Like how would people know about the tour unless they actively follow Jin on the internets?? I'm guessing since it's too late to cultivate new fans at this point, they're just working their old ones. But I KNOW ppl that would know of him, by way of jdramas/jpop etc that might be interested enough to see him if there was more advertisements/ samples to draw them in AND it was cheaper T_T

So yeah I have no clue what to do. I mean it IS JE's job anyways and it sounds like they don't wanna help Jin succeed in the states longterm at any rate..... Maybe they think Jin already had his shot at superstardom..... maybe they think that he's just not marketable to the American market and thus don't wanna do anything.
I've been watching the recent Jin music talks. He's confusing me so much. Like before he came across as really strong and cool and 'American'. But in these he's soooo adorable. I can feel the shyness radiating from the screen. Like he's sorta embarassed all his song is about partying and that he likes it so much....

It's def different from the stoic faces or with half naked girl pics or whatever.

And what's up with his English? Sometimes he doesn't express himself as well....like in my mp3, I know what he was trying to say, something like "everytime I try writing a ballad it turns into a party song instead". I dunno, it's so simple, why was he struggling? (i was quite proud he knew the word metaphor tho) And in Tipsy Love, he totally lost me. Something about people not really knowing love? Or they know but they can't express it the right way?? And why do the TV station intentionally make it that way? Almost like they're showing off his 'foreign-ness' and 'Japanese-ness' when he was the one that was like "I feel like an American living in Japan" -_-

Awwww it's ok jin, it's your japanese-ness that makes you more relatable to me anyways. OK, and your love of hip hop and semi-American ways xP

Sep. 28th, 2010

I'm bored! >:O

I want an online friend to chat about japanese pop culture/ johnny's with. Someone that will analyse with me and not a super fanatical fan......

Or you know, a 'best friend' that's still sorta into Johnny's

Where do I find such a person/people? I almost miss those insane Jin MSN fangirling sessions from beginning of this year..... they should totally revive that..... the MSN circle

some more reminiscing

It's sort of funny that my friend who has also watched Arashi's variety shows and find them hilarious, was surprised when I told her that Matsujun was my first Johnny's idol.

I guess it's cuz she got to know me while I was a crazy Kame/Akame fan.  lol

But yeah, Matsujun was the very first Johnny I knew of (and second ever 'idol' I was a fan of) and Arashi was the very first Johnny's band I listened to and was a fan of.  In fact Matsujun was the very reason why I started watching Jdramas, got into their music, and got to learning about Japan.

Tho at that time I wasn't very aware that Arashi was part of a larger Johnny's conglomerate.  I think I watched some clips with the other Johnny's but I had no clue who they were so I wasn't very interested.  But I do remember watching some weird Arashi in Australia sports clip?  And lots of unsubbed Mago Mago Arashi where I just stared at Matsujun's face (cuz back then I knew ZERO japanese).  It got a bit boring naturally.....lol.

And I was ghastly terrified by Johnny's concert outfits and the strange 'sexy dancing'.  LOL, all Matsujun.  And when we got another friend hooked to Ohno's dancing/singing.  And me memorizing Sakurai's rap in Sakura Sake.  hahaha..... I think that's the first rap I memorized... and definitely the first Japanese song I tried to pronounce.

So in conclusion Arashi was my 'first' in almost everything xP  And now they are back in my radar again.  They've definitely improved in the hilarious-ness factor.  Also I'd like to know the secrets to Matsujun's youth..... he really hasn't changed.

(and a pic from 5 years ago, I made it from whiteout on my binders......lol, why do I sound so proud?)

from himitsu no arashi

been watching a lot of Arashi this long weekend.  They're hilarious!  I like the mannequin segment but I LOVE the derby one.  They always ask strange sectors of the population interesting questions xP  Like asking the female university students who they'd fall in love with as their senpai.  They picked some REALLY good schools too.  Todai!  I love the girl from todai that was like "Aiba..... then I can discuss math with him...... or maybe not"  xP

And one of the questions for the female guest at the end was, "if you were reborn, which Arashi member would you want to be".  I personally would LOVE to answer this type of question.  For me, I'd either want to be Matsujun or Aiba the most.  Since they both look like the type to get lots of girls.  LOL.... ok so for me it's as follows:
1) Matsujun - he's probably most different from me, so it'd be cool to have a taste of always being full of myself  also uhhh his friendship with jin? idk
2) Aiba - his personality is really fun and everybody loves him.  I like being natural and a bit baka too xP
3) Nino - he's just really funny, and witty.  Also a great actor, it'd be cool to have his opportunities
4) Sakurai - he raps!  he's from a good family!  he has his foot in a lot of different areas, and has a good muscle-y body
5) Ohno - uhhh..... plus is that Chinen is a fan?  lol.... i dunno, not really into his hippie-like persona

And now that I did Arashi..... might as well do kat-tun!  Tho I think Arashi was wayyy easier cuz I only know them from afar.....  KT is actually REALLY hard.  I'd LOVE to be reborn as Jin.  But at the same time..... all his crap..... his struggles and everything recently make me think he's got a hard life to live.... so I ended up with:
1) Koki - he's got a great heart, volunteering n everything.  I also would LOVE to be the rapper of some music group.  And I like his rough image, he also dates porn stars...... but he knows what he's doing.
2) Jin - it would be amazing to feel so in control of the female population with just a wink or a smile.  But he also puzzles me greatly.  I'm not sure I can handle the 'druggie' vibe, and his bad mood these past years.  But it'd still be nice to be surrounded by models and be talented at singing/ song writing and dancing.
3) Nakamaru - he is awesome!  I seem to like the ones getting 'bullied' by their group.  But it's so cute.  And he seems intelligent and environmental/sociologically aware
4) Kame - he is wayyyy too hard on himself.  At least that's what it looks like from my side.  I dunno..... it just seems like he lives a hard hard life.  I don't think I'd be that into guy x guy and fanservice/ schmucking up to elders even if I were reborn.  I just get the sense that his standards are very high and most ppl won't measure up.  And it'll just cause lots of unneeded stress.....  but on the plus side he is quite successful and has many sides to him (cute, childish, manly, feminine, old man, unapproachable etc).  He's good looking and got lots to choose from in terms of fashion.
5) Ueda - I love his music!  The ones that he composed himself...... tho i'm not really into his 'solitary' personality, or boxing....
6) Junno - He has a great smile.....tall.....handsome.  His jokes make me smile.  But at the same time they all turn me off from wanting to be him.  xP

*edit*  from VS Arashi:  They were playing some game removing blocks under a giant robot.  I was all calculating the mathematical tactics of the game and  the physics of the minimum number of support blocks needed to stand up (there is a definite way to win theoretically.... it's like that counting game that hadaka no shounen played and jin screwed up even after being told how....lol) O_o...... maybe this means my brain is ready for work